About Us


Sepehr Anformatic Derakhshan Co.

Today’s ID and Smart Cards are one of most small things which can be found in every organization and now we can say these cards make the world faster and more organized and surely more comfortable.

We, Sepehr Anformatic Derakhshan are proud to have the newest ID and Smart card printers. We are able to customize systems for our clients in Iran and neighboring countries and ready to present the highest end card printers world-wide. Sepehr Anformatic Derakhshan Co. is one of the most famous Iranian companies with more than 24 years in Information Technologies and fully experienced in ID Card Solutions during the last 20 years.

We also are the sole partner of Digital Identification Solution GmbH & Matica Technologies and representing their full products range across the country. We also are the Partner for some other major companies in Iran including:

  • KABA Benzing  ………………………..  High end Access Control Systems
  • Optaglio  ………………………………. Highest Secure Transparent & Metallic Holograms
  • OASYS …………………………………. Cards’ Body Production Machinery
  • Interlock AG ………………………….  High Secure Cards
  • Lapis Druck Technologies GmbH … ID Card Lamination, Passport Lamination


Products & Service

Some of our products and services are:

  • ID Card Printers (customizing ID Cards, Smart Cards, Membership Cards, Banking Cards with PVC, PVH, PET, ABC, PC Materials)
  • Desktop Laser Engravers for all kinds of ID Cards with long-life high security such as National ID Cards, Driving License Cards and other high secure ID & Smart Cards)
  • Designing and developing in-house software and applications for all types of ID and Smart Cards.
  • Card’s printers consumable materials (all types of Ribbons & Films, Blank and pre-printed PVC, PVH, PET, ABS, PC Cards).
  • All types of PVC, PVH, PET, ABC, PC Cards consistent with all types of technologies (HiCo & LoCo Magnetic Stripe, Contact Chip Cards, Proximity Cards, Contact Less Cards, Hybrid Cards, Dual Interface Cards)
  • Maintenance and all After Sales Services for all types of ID Card Printers.
  • Design, Consultancy and Execution of all ID Card Based Projects.
  • Design, Consultancy and Execution of all Access Control Based Projects.
  • Demonstration of different kinds of Passport Printers and Passport Laminators
  • Demonstration of different models LED based Stands and City TVs
  • In the fields of Access Control Systems, Holograms, ID card offset mass production and machines we are ready to demonstrate the products and services of major international manufacturers to our domestic and foreign customers.



Our IT Technicians have recently developed The Facial Recognition System with high capacity of customization according to the needs of our customers including:


  • Design, Consultancy and Execution of Customer-Based Projects.
  • Upgrading and developing current Facial Recognition System in-use.
  • Maintenance and all After Sales Services