YMCK ribbon


YMCK ribbon, full-color, for reverse transfer printers.

1000 images per roll.




For use with the following printers:


  • XID 430
  • XID 440
  • XID 450
  • XID 570i
  • XID 580i
  • XID 590i
  • XID 560ie
  • XID 570ie
  • XID 580ie
  • XID 590ie
  • XID 8300
  • XID 8600
  • XID 9300
  • XID 9330




The Matica Genuine Consumables have been exclusively designed to work together in perfect harmony with Matica desktop printers.

Proven performance, top quality and color consistency combined with additional benefits and unique features.

Ease of use

YMCK ribbon provides high-quality printing and ease of use. Each printer automatically recognizes the ribbon type and knows exactly how to use it in the most optimized way. Genuine Matica
YMCK ribbon provides status checks of the remaining ribbon and automatically alerts when the ribbon is running low.
Only our consumables ensure maximum performance and maximum print head life.

How to choose a ribbon?

If you are printing full-color images on one side of a plastic card, you will need a YMC, YMCK or YMCKO ribbon.

All colors can be created from yellow, magenta, and cyan panels. A YMC ribbon will create a composite black by mixing together yellow, magenta and cyan.
Black won’t be very sharp or dark.

The ‘K’ is a black resin panel. We highly recommend a YMCK ribbon if you’re printing black text. If you’re printing barcodes, a YMCK ribbon is required for
the black to be crisp enough for a barcode scanner.

If you are printing full color on both sides of the card, you would buy a YMC, YMCK or YMCKO ribbon and either manually feed the card through a second time or use the flipper if you purchased a dual-sided printer. A color ribbon will yield half as many cards if you print on both sides.

Tell us your ribbon needs

Monochrome, color, security features…  A comprehensive portfolio to answer your project needs.


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