Hardware repairing

Providing all technical and engineering services according to the international standards in the field of diagnosis and repair of electronic boards:

In Sepehr Anformatic Derakhshan , we have a profesional team in the field of electronics who are expeienced in repairing various electronic boards and always have the best soloution in order to fix up the defective  boards.



Hardware repairing

These days it is crucial to repair electronic and digital boards in most of our equipment used in home appliance, audiovisual accessories, industry, medicine and etc.

A lot of pieces are included in these boards which might be damaged due to over working, strike or power  fluctuations.

Examination, diagnosis, repairing and testing electronic boards need enough specialty and skills in this field and if the person whom is not professional enough doing that, other pieces might be damaged by him/her, and causes further damages and also expenses.

There fore, the person in charge not only should have enough knowledge and skills but also should be aware of all techniques and tricks in repairing the boards.

  • Designing various electrical circuits
  • Electrical circuits simulations
  • Developing & customizing electronic boards
  • Repairing office machine’s boards
  • Repairing telecommunication boards
  • Repairing control & laboratory board
  • Repairing & diagnosing of all electronic boards including boards with  dual in-line package (DIP)or surface mount devices (SMD)

Repairing industrial boards:

  • Drivers
  • Controllers
  • Various lasers
  • Various powers
  • Various inventors
  • CNC devices
  • Power suppliers

Repairing drivers electronic boards relating to vehicles:

  • Radars
  • BCM

Regarding to the team’s proficiency & experience all of the services done by this company including; fast diagnosis & also repairing electronic boards will be delivered as fast as possible to you.


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