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Holographic Overlaminate Patch-Globes design

  • Using lamination with a hologram design (Holographic Overlaminate) can prevent card counterfeiting. To achieve this goal, transparent holograms (hot stamps) are placed in roll formats within specific card machines.
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The pressure and heat created by these machines transfer the transparent holographic layer of these rolls (Holographic Overlaminate) onto the card and stick to it.

The Global Hologram

During a standard colored or two-sided printing process, a roll of lamination can be added to the printed card. In fact, the laminator roll is a layer of film available in various thicknesses that prevents erosion and damage to the card. This is a suitable action for cards that are exposed to different devices every day. To create visual security on the card, laminations are offered in different types, such as without design, general design, and special design.

Creating holographic effects with the same security features on a layer of transparent film is also possible. In addition to improving the security aspect, it also adds to the beauty of the final product. One of the most crucial applications of this type of hologram is its use in security cards, such as identification cards, gift cards, and bank cards. This not only adds a security feature to the card but also all the information underneath remains readable and visible too. In case of any attempt to manipulate the information, the hologram layer (Holographic Overlaminate) will be destroyed.

Transparent holograms are also utilized in packaging and commercial applications, providing both product authenticity and aesthetic appeal. This type of hologram can be used in the form of a strip (easily open) in packaging or as shrink-sleeve film to seal bottles. These holograms are usable in cases where the information beneath them must be definite.

Technical Specifications

The thick global lamination roll

Thickness: 0.5 mm

550 foils of lamination per roll

Suitable for protecting the surface of the card against erosion and damage

Appropriate for utilizing in the following lamination modules series:

  • ILM LS module
  • ILM DS module