Holographic Overlay-Waves design

  • Holographic Overlay (96 mm wide) with a generic, two-dimensional Waves design
  • 1250 imprints per roll
  • For the of the card surface against physical impact
  • The holographic effect also provides for very high security
  • For use with the following EDIsecure lamination modules:
  • ILM-LS Inline Lamination Module (Lower Side)
  • ILM-DS Inline Lamination Module (Dual Side)


Holographic Overlay-Waves design

During the standard printing process with dye sublimation and reverse transfer printers, laminate is applied to the top of a printed card. It’s a thin layer of film that’s available in a variety of thicknesses.

They greatly enhance a card’s durability to protect it from wear and fading.

The laminate is optimal for high-usage cards like those swiped each day through a reader.

They’re available in clear and with standard or custom holographic designs embedded in the actual laminate material for added visual security.

Cards using a holographic laminate prevent tampering and counterfeiting.

For this purpose, transparent holograms are placed in Lamination machines as rolls, the translucent hologram layer of this laminate roll is attached and affixed to the card with the pressure and heat created by these devices.


Making holographic effects with the same security features is also possible on a layer of transparent film ( laminate roll). The most important uses of this type of hologram are the use of security cards such as identification cards, gift cards, bank cards, etc. Because in addition to adding a security feature to the card, the card will not be destroyed and the entire information below is visible and legible. There is also a beauty and protection aspect. If any action is taken to doctor the information, the hologram layer will be lost.


Transparent holograms also have many uses in packaging and commercial applications that guarantee both the originality of the product and its beauty. The use of this type of hologram in the package can be used in the form of an “easy open” tape or a shrink film for sealing bottles. Clear holograms are used for cases where the information below should be read.


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