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Sepehr monitoring system

Monitoring conveys the concept of monitoring. It means being aware of the state of a system or phenomenon by observing the changes that may occur in them over time. Today, monitoring has applications in many fields such as public networks, industrial networks, and geographic networks.

Many companies use this technology to a large or small extent. In many cases, the good performance of equipment, networks, and systems will be the key to the continued operation of the business. This issue shows the importance of the monitoring system very well and clearly.

IoT or the internet of things is a platform that you can use to monitor and control your devices and equipment with the internet. It increases the efficiency and performance of machines for systems and services in the best way. The Sepehr monitoring system provides you with the possibility to monitor environments such as server rooms, factories, productions, agriculture, and others using the internet of things.

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Sepehr monitoring system features

Internal servers and cloud servers are used for monitoring system

Sepehr Anformatic Derakhshan monitoring system, which consists of the internet of things, can be installed on all kinds of internal and cloud servers. To install this system, when we want to set up a server room, we must install the necessary equipment. It should be noted that this equipment is different for each server room. This difference is determined based on the suitability of the needs and type of activity of each company.

The server room is considered one of the most important parts of any modern business. To the question, what is the server room? It can be answered that this room is built to store components such as servers, routers, switches, and other network equipment. To summarize, a good server room should be a place that can hold computer equipment in an integrated manner.

In a server room, based on the type of use, there is a volume of equipment. It is important in those parameters such as temperature, humidity, smoke and voltage, and others that are very important.

Emergencies may arise for the server room and its equipment. These conditions cause a lot of damage to the server room, in the absence of safety systems, warning systems, and crisis management systems. And these damages impose costs on you.

Accordingly, it is very important to maintain and protect the server room. Sepehr monitoring system processes and records server room environmental data using the internet of things or IoT. By doing this, many incidents and big problems are prevented.


It measures the ambient temperature between 20 and 70 degrees

Ambient temperature is one of the most important items in all organizations and companies. Sepehr monitoring system provides the possibility to measure the ambient temperature between 20 and 70 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is lower or higher than this value, the system issues the necessary commands to control the temperature. For example, turning on the fan or any other action that helps to balance the temperature of the environment.

It monitors the humidity of the environment in the range of 0 to 100 percent

Air humidity is important in different environments, including businesses and companies. If your company is sensitive to the level of humidity, measures should be taken to adjust it to avoid much damage.

Sepehr monitoring system measures the humidity of the environment and prevents these damages.

It uses voltage and current detection sensors

The sensors in this system have one main function, which is to measure AC and DC voltage. These sensors are used in power control centers, safety detection, power failure detection, power quality monitoring, and energy control and management systems.


Figure3- voltage in monitoring system


There are wide applications for AC voltage detection sensors. They include:

Power demand control: AC sensors can effectively help to provide stable power demand.

Detecting power outages: Power outages can cause you huge losses. The quick notification that is done using the voltage detection sensor reduces the amount of these problems and losses.

Load measurement: This sensor measures the amount of load in the circuit and identifies problems in performance.

The DC voltage detection sensor is used in the following cases:

Energy control system: The sensor helps to transfer energy and improve the process of the production system. This sensor is very useful.

Building control system: In the building, electrical and mechanical systems must always work in an integrated and stable manner. Sensors can be installed on building control system components to prevent problems that damage them.

Troubleshooting: The sensor can turn major and fundamental problems into problems that can be solved and realize the management of the facility to these problems.

Data collection: Environmental data collection is very important in monitoring. Data collection can be ensured using sensors.

It has a water leak detection sensor

Sewage pipes, water pipes, and related equipment may leak or fail in sewage structures. In winter and very low temperatures, the pipes and other components of the sewer may get corroded for a very long time. The best-case scenario is that you are lucky and present when the pipes leak or burst.

 Water leaks one after another falls on the ground and after some time covers the entire environment. Then your best friend will be none other than a water leak detection sensor. These sensors are usually installed in places where water leakage is likely to happen.

It has a fire-detection sensor

Naturally seeing smoke is not pleasant for people. Fire is the worst phenomenon that can happen to any business. Sepehr monitoring systems can be equipped with smoke and fire alarm sensors.

It controls the monitoring system of the Sepehr lighting system

Light is another important factor that is important in businesses such as growers and producers. Sepehr monitoring system can measure the amount of light. And adjust according to the standards defined for it, the amount of ambient light when it increases or decreases.

Figure4- monitoring system of Sepehr

It is equipped with motion-detection sensors

 Sepehr monitoring system uses a motion sensor or sensors that detect motion. These sensors are a kind of motion detector or Motion sensor. They consist of a physical structure called an electronic sensor. This sensor can determine the movement qualitatively and inform the user of the existence of a movement in the range under observation.

Sepehr monitoring systems can be customized for all kinds of motion sensors. For example, we can mention the door sensor, traffic sensor, environmental movement sensor, and others. Based on the needs of your company and business, you can choose the type of performance, the type of environmental review, and how to implement it.

It can know the gasses that can be used

Sepehr monitoring system uses gas sensors. This equipment can identify and monitor toxic gasses, flammable gasses, and oxide zing gasses. In centers where dangerous gasses are used, this system is used. Sepehr monitoring system is equipped with a visual and audible warning system. That is, it informs you with an audio warning that there is a danger.

If there are dangerous gasses in your workplace, you need gas detection equipment. To provide safety in the workplace for yourself and others. These facilities help you to identify gas leaks and take necessary measures. If the gas leaks into the environment, work will be done to eliminate the risk.

Uses communication protocols for monitoring

In the Sepehr monitoring system, communication with the central unit and other units is a very important factor. This factor simultaneously establishes communication, provides monitoring reports, and checks performance with the following protocols:

GSM modem

The smartphone has become a tool for communication between people and organizations. Sepehr monitoring system can be sent through SMS, email, and call. This connection is defined by the device with users that can become multiple users. Due to low energy consumption and maximum antenna coverage, this feature is considered one of the most important features of this system.

Connects to internal networks in the institution and offices

When it is necessary to fully and advanced maintain the security of data and communication and the monitoring system, it is suggested to use SMS and network capabilities simultaneously. Sepehr monitoring system is connected to the company’s network. And shares the data collected from the environment for further processing.

Figure5- GSM modem in monitoring system

Wi-Fi or wireless connection

It is not reasonable to use a cable when we face a lot of data from the input side. In this situation, it costs a lot to use any equipment. In these projects, the most important goal for Sepehr Anformatic Derakhshan Company is to provide complete facilities with easy use in one system.

Figure6- different of versions monitoring

The monitoring system of performance scenarios and warning

A Crisis is defined in three steps:

The step before the crisis

The step of the crisis

Step after the crisis

In all stages of the Sepehr monitoring system, it can program using the Internet of things. To prevent any accident from happening. Or prevent damages by turning on the security and alarm system when an accident occurs.

It uses a backup battery that can be replaced

Connecting the Sepehr monitoring system to city electricity is another feature. With a power cut, this system continues to work using batteries. In addition, the Sepehr monitoring system has a backup battery that can keep the device on for a day, which is equal to 24 hours. The battery lasts for one year. This is the advantage of this system that has a replacement for you.

Easy installation

Sepehr Anformatic Derakhshan Company has installation and commissioning employees. These employees are engineers and electrical and electronics specialists. This team has a history of manufacturing and installing various electronic boards. The team employees in this clinic are professional and experienced. And all services are done in the fastest time.

Available in different versions

  Sepehr monitoring systems can be designed and customized, in several versions for the needs of customers. For example:

 Hardware system

Network-based system

A network-based system with a controlled performance

Figure6- different of versions monitoring

Knowledge of Sepehr monitoring system with the internet of things

This system is formed based on the internet of things. The Internet developed and some views emerged. In the sense that equipment and devices can be shared. Equipment that collects data from sensors, monitors, and users of the production system. Share data after processing.

IoT or the internet of things is a relatively familiar word that has entered the field of technology and our lives for some time. IoT refers to the technology in which all objects and devices around us are connected to the Internet or intranet. And they can send data through it and communicate with each other.

Data varies based on the business and performance of each system in the internet of things. With the internet of things, we can collect data including temperature, humidity, location, alerts, and more. Plus we can share data.

Sepehr monitoring systems in all situations can be developed into a performance monitoring and control system in the environment. By doing this, it prevents danger when an accident may occur. This system is practical and very suitable for businesses and companies.